Creative pursuits

A wise friend told me recently that romantic catastrophes are good for creative pursuits. There certainly is a wealth of literature, music and art that resulted from broken hearts. Heck, if we all had happy relationships there would be a whole lot less country music. I don’t know how or if the events of the past couple of months will find their way into a creative pursuit for me. I’m new to the world of blogs, so I’ve been spending a bit of time exploring them. Some are completely commercial. Some are journals in that they record the events and a few thoughts of the writers. A few are very personal glimpses into the writer’s life. One I found was particularly inspirational so I added that to my link list on this blog. The title is One Pic a Day, but it’s much more than that. It’s a deeply honest diary of the writer’s life where he shares very personal thoughts with the world. I feel for the guy. I wish I could write something so uncensored. Something to learn in 2008.

Update: I guess One Pic a Day was either too popular or too personal. It’s now no longer a public blog.