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Organize And Update: Goals For March Bloggiesta

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Yay! It’s time for the March Bloggiesta! Although I’m not a book blogger, I still look forward to Bloggiesta as a time to focus on improving my blogs in the company of a fabulous group of bloggers. Although this Bloggiesta has been a full week, I am only able to join in the fun for the concluding weekend.

Well, at the end of a weekend filled with good intentions, an intermittent internet connection hampered meeting my goals:

  • Clean up and organize categories on this blog. Done. 
    • I also activated my sidebar and added category, archive, top posts and pages, and “About” widgets.
  • Publish my final post on the previous home for this blog. I plan on officially taking it down during the summer mini-Bloggiesta. Nope.
  • Do an SEO pass on this blog. I’ll revisit So You Want To Get Noticed By Search Engines mini-challenge. Done-ish.
    • Set up Google and Bing webmaster tools, redirected all the internal links to the new domain addresses and ensure posts linked to external sites as appropriate. Started putting real titles and alt texts on images, but that is going to take more time than I could invest in one weekend.
  • Find and apply a mobile-friendly theme to my business blogIn progress.
    • Invested a couple of hours in this before my internet connection went down. I didn’t find a theme I liked enough to spend several more hours of reconfiguration work that most of them needed. The search continues…
  • WRITE! I have a backlog of posts that need to be written, particularly for my business blog. In progress.

It will be a fun weekend 🙂 Ole!

10 thoughts on “Organize And Update: Goals For March Bloggiesta

  1. This is a great list. Thanks for the link to the SEO post 🙂 Good luck in accomplishing your goals this weekend 🙂


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