The funny thing about Christmas…

As my life turned upside down, my only thoughts about Christmas were about how to avoid it while not being totally alone. In the past few years, the weeks leading up to Christmas were often stressful for a variety of reasons, some of it self-imposed. This year I certainly didn’t feel like having anything to do with Christmas. The funny thing is, though, that it managed to find me anyway.

I took the train to Toronto to spend the long weekend with friends – just hang out, talk, relax. That’s pretty much what we did, but Christmas was still there with us. Instead of a tree, we had a Christmas ivy on the fire place mantel, surrounded with candles. Instead of children, we had three little black kittens running around the apartment and chewing on the ribbons. On Christmas Eve, we had guests, gifts were exchanged, followed by a couple of rounds of Cranium (even more fun with a couple of drinks). We spent Christmas day in our pajamas, watching Ratatouille, part of a Crossing Jordan marathon, and Horton Hears a Who. During a brief internet fix, I found the Santa Claus blog. It’s wonderful and hilarious, so I put the link on this blog. It will be interesting to read what happens at North Pole, Inc. in 2008. We even had a Christmas ham, technically, though that dinner was the night before Christmas Eve. As with all Christmas hams, it was enjoyed in various forms throughout the weekend (sandwiches, snack platter, quiche… there will be a ham and pea/bean soup at some point in the future).

All in all, it was the best way to spend Christmas. I feel really blessed to have such good friends here and around the world. Everyone has been so supportive. I really appreciate it.