How to Swear Like a Quebecer

Quebecers seem to swear a lot… at least the people I’ve been in contact with. Well, I learned tonight that swearing is just different in Quebec. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep this clean in both English and French.) For example, when speaking English a lot of people use the f-word very liberally, even at work! However, in French, it just doesn’t have the same meaning or impact. On the other hand, one of Quebec’s most famous profanities (the one refering to a tabarnacle) is the word that equates to the f-word. For the more curious, I added a link to a Wikipedia page on Quebec French profanity.

Where did I receive such a cultural education? I found a social networking group called Meetin where people, much like myself, are either new to the city and/or just looking to meet new people. The members organize events for people to get together and socialize. Gathering at a coffee house and learning how to swear like a Quebecer was one of those events. Tonight I met people from all around the world and from just down the highway. It was fun! The next event is a pub night at the end of January. I’m looking forward to it.

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