Fête Des Neiges

When I first moved to Montreal, I was looking forward to attending Fête Des Neiges, the annual winter festival encouraging kids and kids-at-heart to get out and enjoy the season.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled that year due to a labour dispute.  When it was finally brought back, I never found the time to go – until this year.  After a freezing cold week, the weather warmed up to a balmy -13C, so I grabbed my skates, my camera and my snow gear and checked out the fun in Parc Jean Drapeau.

Here are some photos from that afternoon:

The previous week was SO cold that even the snow sculptures were shivering!


Snow sculptor in action
Snow creations
Awesome skating path along the St. Lawrence River – 1.5km total length
View of the river and Notre Dame bridge from the skating path


Beaver Tail with cinnamon, sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Best way to wind up the afternoon!

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