Summer Mini-Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta mascot boy with sombrero on computer

Rainy summer weekends are perfect for reading and writing, so it’s the ideal time to participate in a mini-Bloggiesta. What is a mini-Bloggiesta? Well, it’s the same as the regular event, just shorter and with fewer mini-challenges.

Here’s what’s on my to-do list this weekend:

  1. Write two planned posts for this blog.
    • One done. Postponing the other until #2 is done.
  2. Write at least one new post for my business blog.
    • Done Monday night. Whew! 
    • While I was there, I updated my featured posts on the front page.
  3. Send the Knowledge Event themes to the volunteers for the for the PMI Community of Practice blog I edit.
    • Done!
  4. Find a blog post to republish on the above blog.
    • Done! Just waiting for permission…
  5. Participate in the Twitter chat at 10pm today.
    • Done!
  6. Promote my Sockets and Lightbulbs Facebook page (including this link doesn’t count).
  7. Do the following Bloggiesta mini-challenges:
  8. Break apart an old post into three separate posts so I can share them separately.
  9. Write custom Blog Follow Email and Comment Follow Email texts.
  10. Start an article for an online magazine that had approached me for a contribution.
  11. Reconnect with another blogger for a potential guest post.
If I think of anything else to add over the weekend, I’ll just update this list.  At the end of the weekend, I’ll also update this post with what I accomplished.
Time to get some tea and start writing!

8 thoughts on “Summer Mini-Bloggiesta

  1. Thanks for the visit to my Bloggiesta post! I enjoyed seeing your hiking pictures on your latest post, I really do want to do a small vacation series on the places we just visited, the places are so neat you just want to share them with everyone! I've enjoyed my first Bloggiesta, hope yours has gone well too! I'm nowhere near completed with my list, but that just means I have some direction for what to keep working on! 😀


  2. Thanks. If I get the post for my business blog done tonight, I'll feel like I had a very productive Bloggiesta. Hope you got many of your to-do items crossed off your list.


  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Bloggiesta. Hope to (virtually) see you out at the full one in September. I'm looking forward to seeing your vacation series of posts. I haven't visited any of those places (yet), so I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.


    1. Thanks! As you saw, my to-do list was a lot longer in past Bloggiestas. I did enjoy your commenting challenge. Thanks for visiting my blog at its new home and commenting. Now that this move is done, I should revisit your challenge and get commenting myself 🙂


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