Cycling along bridge over St. Lawrence River

Time For A Move: Goal For Mini-Bloggiesta

This weekend is the first mini-Bloggiesta of 2015. Whenever I participate in a Bloggiesta, I usually have a list of several things I tackle on this or one of my other blogs. In keeping with my one word resolution this year, I only have one blogging goal for this weekend: move this blog over to
If I get that done quickly, then I’ll start tackling other items in my blogging backlog:
  • Check out the mini-challenges. The Pinterest Project by @SueySays would fit both with this blog (though, not the book part) and my business blog (which would be for books).
  • Write an overdue blog post for my Ask An Agilist blog on
  • Update my list of blog post ideas
  • Write a post for my business blog.
Happy Bloggiesta! See you soon on!
Post Bloggiesta Update: Adventures In Montreal on Blogger successfully moved to Red Boots Adventuress on 🙂

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