Jeff Gandall storytelling at Mainline Theatre

A Glimpse At Montreal’s Storytelling Scene

Storytelling is trending. All the kids are doing it. At least that seems to be the case in Montreal at last weekend’s monthly Confabulation at the Mainline Theatre.

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time as a way to entertain, teach lessons, pass on history and traditions. In our content-packed, 140 character, sound-bite world, we still crave real stories filled with compelling characters on experiencing life in ways that make us think and feel. As a result, storytelling has become one of the trends to watch in 2015.

At this month’s Confabulation, eight storytellers, almost all in their 20s, shared their Good Date, Bad Date stories to a packed house. We were riveted with a variety of entertaining interpretations of date stories:

Woman telling the story of a great first date

  • Meeting the parents
  • Taking a relationship to the next level, by adopting a kitten
  • The best first date ever… who turned out to be gay… and then not
  • Getting arrested with a university roommate during a late night breakfast at Denny’s
  • Last night in Bangkok after spending months travelling around Asia – ’nuff said
  • The best date turned out to be after dumping the guy
  • A dating blogger takes a crazy Tinder date further than it should
  • Unsuspecting German woman’s first real date in Montreal

What did we learn from these stories? As host Matt Goldberg summed up at the end: be direct with crazy people, stay off Tinder, and there is nothing like the love from an adorable kitten.

My friends and I are planning on sampling other storytelling events around Montreal:

With all this inspiration, maybe we will even work up the courage to get on stage and tell one of our own!

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