Downtown Vancouver through a water glass

Autumn in Vancouver

Since I have moved this blog to WordPress and rebranded, it has opened up the opportunity to write about adventures that seemed out of place on a blog titled “Adventures In Montreal”. As I am planning a visit to my home province, I thought it was a good time to share some photos and experiences from my last trip to Vancouver.

I was in Vancouver for a conference with friends and fellow volunteer leaders from the former PMI Agile Community of Practice. I was excited about showing them my home province and the city where I lived for nearly four years. Every business trip, I bring along my camera and try to reserve some time to explore the area. As a result, I was able to take a few photos of downtown during breaks and capture the gorgeous sunshine and snowy mountain over North Vancouver from the convention centre. We were also fortunate to have a half-day break between the leadership meeting and the main conference, where we decided to catch a bus to Capilano Suspension Bridge. The weather was crisp – perfect for a hike through the maze of suspension bridges and dizzying sky walk over the yellowing trees. It was also a great way for virtual friends and volunteers to share an adventure together.

One of my favorite shots was the result of a “what if…” moment as I was looking at the smooth, tube-shaped water glass in my hotel room. I put the glass on its side on the desk, put my camera up to the mouth, and captured a unique view from my hotel room.

A few of my favorite photos are below. Enjoy!

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