Peace flame in front of Canada's Parliament Building

Celebrating Canada

With the recent trip to Newfoundland, I have crossed one item off my adventure bucket list – visiting every province in Canada! We have a staggeringly beautiful country with soaring mountains, wide open spaces, an abundance of water, and roaming wildlife. Every province has a unique culture and history and celebrates the multitude of cultures that built this country. While Canadians are not known for being overly expressive, we have earned our reputation for politeness. If you’re ever lost, or fall on a slippery sidewalk, most Canadians will help you out.

To celebrate Canada Day, I pulled together a small collection of photos from my travels across Canada. My apologies to Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I visited those provinces in the mid-90s so I don’t have any digital photos from those trips. I’ll just have to go back and visit again! I hope these photos inspire you to explore this great country.

Next on my Canadian adventure bucket list: visit all three territories!



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